Best of 2011

Another year gone by, another year with only a handful of posts (blush). But it is the end of the year again and Jim Goldstein is doing his blog project again where photographers can share their best pictures of the year. Like last year, I took a journey through my photos from this year and tried to select my favorites from the last year. Of course, I couldn’t decide (again … ). Due to this I’ll put them into different categories with my favorite from each highlighted.
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Last year was my first year of really shooting analogue photos – my camera collection grew from one camera (the Diana F+) to several cameras that yield very different results. I’m still in love with the results and not knowing what to expect when I get the film back. The great thing about them are their technical imperfections – something that is sooo different from my digital photography where I strive for perfection or at least technical flawless execution.
0736_012 (1)0737_005 (1)3413_002 (1)3413_011 (1)3780_010 (1)3780_012 (1)4520_004 (1)4520_005 (1)4840_5 (1)7889_34 (1)7889_36 (1)9949_011 (1)Modern Antiquity? (1)Bild014_Neg.Nr.15A (1)
Bild022_Neg.Nr.23A (1)

Analogue – Panorama

One analogue camera by Lomography I especially like is the Sprocket Rocket, a panoramic camera that also exposes the sprocket holes of the film which I think gives the panoramas a very distinctive look.
fotos-27 (1)scan108 (1)scan138 (1)
scan109 (1)


2011 was another Macro year for me. I was able to go to the botanical garden in Frankfurt several times throughout the year and even got to visit the botanical garden in Zurich (switzerland) for an afternoon.
The last small image was done with my iPhone – which I find really incredible.
Burst of Color (1)Growing Bananas (1)IMG_6448 (1)IMG_7209 (1)IMG_7219 (1)IMG_7324 (1)IMG_7385 (1)IMG_7457 (1)Palmengarten 1 (1)Palmengarten 10 (1)Palmengarten 20 (1)Palmengarten 371 (1)Palmengarten 376 (1)Frozen (1)
IMG_7437 (1)


The last few years I took a lot of animal photographs, this year I was only to visit the zoo in Frankfurt once and no other zoo, so I didn’t take that many animal pictures. But still I got some that I really like, with the frogs being my favorite since it is so hard to get a good picture of frogs in a zoo.
IMG_6847 (1)IMG_6999 (1)IMG_7115 (1)IMG_7151 (1)
IMG_7093 (1)


2010 was my big HDR year. This year was no different, I took a lot of HDR images but I didn’t get to go on vacation, so I took less city & architecture shots where I would usually do HDR images. So all of the images this year are from Germany and are day trips – or photo walks. I still enjoy then a lot though!
IMG_7474_HDR (1)IMG_7513_HDR (1)IMG_7877_HDR (1)IMG_7962_HDR (1)IMG_8071_HDR (1)IMG_8340_HDR (1)IMG_8509-8512 (1)
IMG_7532_HDR (1)

The Best Image of the Year?

I have to be honest, I cannot say. To me no image really stood out this year that I go back to again and again. I really like all of these images but there are none that I could single out. What do you think? Which one was my best?