Best of 2012

As in years past (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008), Jim Goldstein is doing a blog project asking for submissions for the best photos of 2012. Like the last few years I’ll participate and wandered through my archive for the last year.

This year has been pretty hectic work-wise for me so I was actually surprised that some of the stuff was in 2012. I would have sworn it was before that. So for this alone it was good to take a trip through and see what I did in 2012.

As always I’ll sub-divide the pictures into categories because I just cannot chose only one or a handful of images…. As always I will highlight my favorite of each category. Note: by clicking on an image you will see a larger version of the images in a clickable gallery.


I still enjoy film photography a whole lot, although I didn’t get the chance to take very many images this year. I love the unexpected results though. You never know what you will get back when you send in a roll of film and I quite enjoy that.

bestof2012 10 (1) bestof2012 11 (1) bestof2012 10 bestof2012 12 (1) bestof2012 15 bestof2012 16 bestof2012 17 bestof2012 2 (4)bestof2012 1 (4)


bestof2012 1 (1)


This year I took a lot more HDR images than last year, mainly because I had the chance to get away twice this year, once to Augsburg (Germany) for a weekend and then two weeks on Madeira.

bestof2012 19 bestof2012 13 (1) This is the orangery at the castle in weilburg, germany. bestof2012 9 (1) bestof2012 8 (1) bestof2012 7 (1) bestof2012 5 (3) bestof2012 5 (1) bestof2012 4 (3) bestof2012 3 (3) bestof2012 2 (3) bestof2012 2 (2) Monte, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, bestof2012 1 (2) iPhone5_wall_119


bestof2012 3 (2)


Looking back through my archive I realized that I didn’t take that many macro shots this year, which is a real shame and something I will try and change again next year. But sometimes it is also good to take a break from something and come back later with new ideas.

bestof2012 3 (1) bestof2012 24 bestof2012 23 bestof2012 11 bestof2012 8 bestof2012 5 (2) bestof2012 4 (1) bestof2012 4


bestof2012 3


bestof2012 21 bestof2012 20 bestof2012 14 bestof2012 7 bestof2012 6 bestof2012 5 bestof2012 2 bestof2012 22

bestof2012 9


Every two years there is the Luminale in Frankfurt which is a light exhibit, so I took a whole bunch of images there, which were a challenge for me because I don’t do much low-light photography. I love some of the results though!

bestof2012 18 (1) bestof2012 16 (1) bestof2012 15 (1) bestof2012 6 (1) bestof2012 17 (1)


bestof2012 1 bestof2012 18 bestof2012 13 bestof2012 14 (1)

bestof2012 4 (2)


Overall my favorite images are the one I highlighted in the HDR section and the one in analogue. they are very, very different but I love looking at both of them! Which one would you have highlighted?