My newest toy: Fujifilm X20

When Fuji announced the original X100 I really loved the design and the features it offered and the pictures I saw in the reviews but reviews were really mixed on the actual camera so I decided against getting the camera. This was two or so years ago and Fuji has added several other models to their X-Series cameras and improved the quality of their Firmware. When they released the X100S i wanted that even more than I did the X100 before it but it is relatively expensive at 1,200€. So I decided to save up for it. But this week I got to thinking: do i really need another camera for that amount? Wouldn’t the smaller X20 also be enough for what I wanted? Which was mainly a smaller digital camera that I could take with me a lot more than I do the bulky DSLR.

The silver Fuji X20

Last night I went into the store to have a look at the X20 and in the end decided to buy it, too. Today, of course, I decided to take it out with me for some initial tests and I have to say, I really like the results so far. That is why i want to share some of my initial impressions in this blog post today. Fuji, for the X-Series, changed the Sensor and how the Red, Green and Blue parts of the pixel are distributed on the sensor. If you want to know more, you can do so here:

The Fuji has features on top of features, which coming from a Canon DSLR is something to get used to, but some of them really fascinate me. For example the Multi-Exposure ability or doing 360 panoramas – or it taking three images to get a better background bokeh! some of it just boggles my mind – in a good way – though it also gives me a lot to learn about and with the camera.


Normal Image

Normal Image

With background blurring

With background blurring

But of course, in the end it is not about the software functionality but about the sharpness and color of the images and I have to say, the sharpness is really great for a zoom lens (it has a 4x zoom) and for such a, comparatively, small sensor. You can really see it in the image of this leaf backlit by the sun and my first shot with it, taken while the sun was setting and the battery was about to die on me 😀






EDIT: After playing with it some more, click here for some further thoughts.

And of couse, in the end I have to show off my favorite images that I have taken today.






  • Jazz1

    I really wanted the X100s too. But I didn’t want to let the summer go without having a decent camera to record my trips. The price of the X20 made it possible for me to step into the Fujifilm X world. I’m sure I’ll eventually buy into the X100s, but I’m thinking the X20 is going to continue to surprise me. It is a very competent camera regardless of price and sensor size. This camera just makes me smile!